Performance Dates

August 3rd at 9:20

August 5th at 12:20

August 6th at 17:20

August 7th at 11:20

Cast & Crew

Westminster Academy

Drama Department

Located at

Greenside Royal Terrace

Venue 231

Tickets available at the Venue

Box Office

0131 557 2124

Purchase online on the

Fringe Website

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When a package bound for Good Good Island is mistakenly delivered to Bad Bad Island, the Bad Bads find something frighteningly horrible inside: a little girl named Rosa! Unable to choose between throwing her into a volcano or tossing her into the sea, the creatures of the island finally agree that their ruler, The Idol, should decide. He challenges Rosa with a series of impossible tasks -- but what happens when she starts doing the impossible? This wildly inventive adventure shows that sometimes family and goodness can be found in the most unlikely of places.


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Featuring our director, Rachel Smoker Cox, & Josh Mikel, our playwright, star on the Walking Dead and much more!

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